Attorney For Hurricane Damages

Severe storms are a common occurrence in Alabama. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and severe weather cause millions of dollars of damage to homes, vehicles and other property each year.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous insurance companies are even more common. Although your insurance policy contract may cover the full value of your damaged home, farm or business, it is unlikely your insurance company will surrender that value without a fight. These days, many insurers’ business models are based on limiting insurance payouts, even when the accompanying insurance claims are valid and accurate.

For this reason, it is important that you retain an experienced Alabama property damage attorney any time you have a catastrophic storm damage claim. At The Hackney Law Firm, with offices in Birmingham and Montgomery, we assist policyholders throughout the state in obtaining full compensation from insurance companies for their storm damage to property.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney For My Storm Damage Claim?
The insurance company is not on your side. We are. Our founding attorney, J. Danny Hackney, worked for more than 20 years as an insurance adjuster. For nearly as long, he has worked as an insurance claim attorney, helping to obtain insurance compensation for his policy holding clients.

Mr. Hackney’s combination of experience and knowledge enables him to obtain maximum compensation for his clients in settlement negotiations, arbitrations, mediations and in hard-nosed litigation in court. Whether your insurance claim was denied, or you are filing a claim and wish to ensure it is valued according toreplacement value and not market value, we can help you. We can also pursue compensation for living expenses while you are displaced from your home.