Fighting Back For Your Insurance Claim Recovery

People trust their insurance companies to provide them with full compensation following a property disaster or injury. Unfortunately, people rarely receive all of the insurance money they are due.

Insurance companies calculate damage claims using a computer process that undervalues claims. By design, materials and labor are valued lower than true market values. By doing this, insurance companies can defend their choices to undercut customers. They can say “our estimates show we should pay you this much” when, in reality, the cost is much greater.

When an insurance company delays or refuses to pay on a valid claim without a good reason, it is considered to be in “bad faith” of the insurance contract. At The Hackney Law Firm, we make compensating clients our mission. We stand firmly with clients, helping them to fight back against bad faith insurers in a variety of Alabama property damage and personal injury scenarios.

Birmingham And Montgomery Claim Attorney For Storm Damage, Fire Damage, Personal Injury And Workers’ Comp
If your home, car or other property was damaged, it is important that you obtain the full amount due to you under your insurance policy. Retain our law firm, and we will pursue the full amount of compensation permitted by the insurance contract for your:

  • Storm damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and severe storms
  • Fire damage caused by lightning, an accidental blaze or arson
  • Damage to your car, truck, motorcycle or other motor vehicles in an auto insurance claim
  • Property damage to home, auto and other property
  • Injuries due to negligence in car accidents, accidents on property and other causes
  • Work injuries covered by workers’ compensation
  • Work-related injuries caused by third parties and not covered by workers’ compensation

An Insurance ‘Insider’ Who Fights For Your Insurance Compensation
Before founding our law practice, attorney J. Danny Hackney, worked more than 20 years as an Alabama insurance claim adjuster. He understands insurance law, how it is applied in practice, and how insurance companies work against their clients’ interests. Your insurer may be counting on your ignorance of the insurance claims to get what it wants. Our lawyer knows insurance industry tactics and can counter them using experience and knowledge earned over a lengthy career working in the insurance industry and in insurance law.